My cooking starts right here, fresh and seasonal products, found in the area at zero km, or almost.

I cook what I find at the market, and if I don't find it, I change the recipe, with no ifs and buts.

I am inspired by the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, contaminating my dishes with new flavors and tastes, but without losing the essence of the original recipe.

Each dish tells something of the past and something of the cuisine to come, even if I use very little ginger.

Grandfather Armando used to say, the important thing is to get up from the table with a full stomach, if you are still hungry something has not worked.

Welcome to my table and enjoy your meal.

Chef Armando Purpura

Chef Armando Purpura


Recensione Marcopolo 2017
Eccellenze Italiane Ristorante Faro
Ecellenze Italiane 2020

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