Dear customer, we have adapted the premises and sanitized them, but we want to continue offering you, as in previous years, a moment of conviviality and relaxation.

Once you have taken the necessary precautions, once inside the restaurant, you will only have to worry about enjoying good food, tranquility and the splendid view of the Palau Lighthouse and the archipelago of La Maddalena.

To make this possible:

* Once you arrive at the entrance of the restaurant stop and wait to be accompanied to your table.

* At the entrance you will find the right information to mitigate the risk of contagion.

* You will find hand sanitizing gel in several places in the restaurant, even at your table.

* We didn't have to space the tables as ours were already over a meter away.

* The waiters will be equipped with a mask to guarantee yours and their health.

* Our prices have not changed since last year.

* Our menus have always been available online on our website.

* You can book your table by phone or via the web.


🚫 You will NOT find any post office-style boundary lines, except the one at the entrance to the venue.

Welcome, we wish you a pleasant experience.


Telefono 0789 709 565

Via del Faro, 9 - Spiaggia di Porto Faro,

PALAU (SS), 07020

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